Vormsi 2030 strategy
Unofficial translation of latest working draft can be found on this link (March 18th)

Vormsi is renewing its long-term development strategy. We invite everyone to share their comments and suggestions on how to share the future of our island. Feel free to send your comments and questions to Ragnar Siil (ragnar.siil@creativitylab.ee). 

The current strategic framework for Vormsi (work in progress, last updated on Nov 14):

1. Introduction

Vormsi is truly unique place. Vormsi is characterised by amazing nature, fascinating history and unique cultural traditions. Vormsi people can claim with certainty, that their home is one-of-a-kind in the Baltic Sea region. The current strategy 2030 is continuation for previous strategy for the years 2011-2025. The strategy follows the guidelines of the Local Government Organisation Act.

2. Vision for Vormsi 2030

Vormsi, a vibrant and cohesive community, offers the best living environment for people who value nature, peace and security.
The prerequisite for reaching the vision is a clean natural environment, sufficient number of inhabitants, valued cultural traditions and a strong community.

3. Key principles

Transparency and inclusiveness - Vormsi's greatest strength is its people and a cohesive community. Vormsi is just small enough to involve all key stakeholders in making meaningful decisions in the discussions and to ensure the transparency of municipality governance. Meetings between the municipality and people are regular and open to all interested people who wish to contribute to the wellbeing of the island.

Balance - Vormsi people understand their responsibility for nature, cultural traditions and community survival. In making decisions, their impact on people, nature and cultural heritage must be considered at all times, because on a small island individual decisions can have irreversible effects on the entire unique ecosystem.

Traditions and innovation - Vormsi knows that tradition and innovation are not contradictory, but mutually supportive. The island is valued for its unique heritage and traditional lifestyle, while recognising the importance of new technologies and e-solutions to provide modern facilities away from the centres.

4. Strategic goals

In order to reach the vision for Vormsi, 8 strategic goals must be achieved:

1: Vormsi's natural environment is protected and the implementation of activities is based on maintaining ecological balance.
2: Vormsi offers possibility to acquire high quality basic education.
3: Vormsi has a good environment for the development of environmentally friendly businesses.
4: Vormsi has transport connections that take into account the needs of the population
5: Access to high-quality public services is guaranteed to the inhabitants
6: Vormsi recognises and values its cultural heritage and has a vibrant cultural life.
7: Vormsi is one of the most appreciated destinations for sustainable tourism in Estonia.
8: A strong community relies on inclusive leadership and support for grass-root initiatives.